Thursday, 17 December 2015


CWM FX is a foreign exchange trading company located formerly at the Heron Tower at 110 Bishops gate. The tower is known otherwise as Salesforce Tower. CWM FX is part of the CWM group of firms. The company used formerly the foreign exchange trading ‘white label’ trading stand of Leverate Financial Services Limited that is an investment firm of Cyprus. The Cyprus Exchange Commission and Securities licenses and regulates this investment company.

The regulatory board functions in London utilizing the MiFID rules of the European Community. The Cyprus Exchange Commission and Securities operated a conventional through processing model and Contract For Difference for retail traders in foreign exchange for Contract for trading Currency Sets. 

CWM FX has the objective to design and generate a sequence of innovative and immersive experiences during the London Boat Show. CWMFX designed and produced 3 shows with the objective to offer an efficient solution from model, set strategy, technical production, creation of content, and on-site location supervision. 

During the show, Rain Curtain was among the main attractions that set the scene for the show. This innovation utilizes automated interactive device technology to enable invitees to keep the rain under their control while they walk into the event.

This new technology offers a 4D experience that mixes photo-genuine computer and projection technology to generate sound design and visual effects to drop the guests in the middle of a wide ocean. On the other side, CWM FX uses the Datatag Lab that allows invitees to get close to cutting brink marine technology where various associates display the latest progresses in technology and innovation. 

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